Modify Optimaliseert gewasbescherming

Modify Eco Crop Protection (founded 1997) is a Dutch family owned and operated company specialized in R&D, production and distribution of high-quality crop protection, excipients and attractants.

Our family is dedicated to help growers meet market demands and produce healthy and environmentally-responsible crops. By innovating together with our customers and business partners, we are able to provide the best ecofriendly solutions for all kinds of crops, plants, trees, vines and flowers. 





Expert Team Members

Our Modify core team consists of a number of well experienced and very passionate people who are experts in their field of expertise.

Elwin Dirkse CEO Modify

Technical and R&D Director

Elwin V. Dirkse

Agronomy & Research
Age Dirkse

Production & Development

Age de Boer

Production & Development
product of modify in garden

Founder 1950-2010

Frank Dirkse

Founder 1950-2010

Optimising Crop Protection is Our Speciality!

At Modify our products are focused to make crop protection more effective, more sustainable, safer and with less risks.
That is why we develop and manufacture products that are save for humans, animals, crops and nature. We are also focused on developing solutions that help save water, protect soils and protect crops, fruits, trees and vines.
Most of our new innovative solutions we develop together with our customers, so feel free to discuss with us what issues we can help you solve!